Friday, June 22, 2007

Celebrity Lookalike

Haha, seems I might give the glamorous C a run for her money!

Got this from Misty, where you upload your photo onto and the face recognition software works out which celebrities (from the my heritage database) you resemble the most!

Well, I would have been well disappointed if there were a couple of mingers in there but they're all hot babes... brilliant, this has made my day!

Form an orderly queue, lads! :-)


  1. Very cool.. but are you sure they are all celebrities?

    I have only heard of Kelly Clarkson and Teri Hatcher! Fiona Xie I might Google however ;)

  2. Who cares if they're not famous - they're all honeys and they allegedly look like me...hehe! :-)

  3. Hugh Grant, Adam Brody and Michael Caine for me.

    I've no idea who Adam Brody is :)

  4. But Arsenal are a bunch of cheating divers! :)

    He did bring a touch of class to the premiership which will be missed, but more importantly it's screwed Arsenal ;)

    And yes 76% Hugh Grant, 69% Adam Brody apparently. I still don't know who the latter is. But your celebrities are hot - email me :)

  5. Ha ha. The guy from OC?

    Jeez, I'm flattered :)

  6. Don't like Manure fans eh? You must be a City fan (*offers shoulder to cry on*) or a Liverpool fan (*points and laughs for signing Zenden and Pennant*).

    And yes I'm a Spurs fan, it means I like my life to be exciting, attractive, fragile and ultimately disappointing ;)

  7. Okay, I'll take some of that action. Normally I only bet for beer, unless you have something else in mind?

    6th October we play at your place, and the final game of the season at WHL. Decider for the Champion's League spot? ;)

  8. I did one of them a while back & one of them was a woman!

    By the way, what position do I hold in the queue?

  9. Deal! *shakes internet hand*

    I've now cursed Spurs for the whole season :(

  10. *shakes hand back*

    Well I may have cursed my team now!

  11. What you doing in ... erm... October? I may be back by then and it'd do my ego the world of good to be seen out with someone who could pass for Teri Hatcher.