Sunday, June 17, 2007

Laff A Minute

Still have a fuzzy head and slightly croaky voice - generally a sign that I had a good night out on Saturday!

Anyway, H's new bf of six weeks (aah - new love!) dropped us off in Manchester at 2.30pm where we met up with J at Tiger Tiger. We all started on beers, which is unusual as the diet conscious gals are normally on white wine but hell, it was a birthday celebration so Weight Watcher points were out of the window!

After a couple of swift ones, we then moved through the masses in town (who were loitering in the hope of catching some Premier League footballers with WAGS in tow, as Gary Neville was getting married in Manchester Cathedral) and into Sawyers Arms - A decided to go in here, as in her words, "It's full of men!". Shame they weren't of the fit variety though!
Cider seems to be the in-drink at the moment but I still can't bring myself to drink it (bad student memories!) but I did try some of J's Swedish pear cider and it tasted refreshingly like a soft drink - dangerous stuff then!
As usual, Manchester was full of crowds of stag parties and gaggles of hen parties - I checked out the hen groups closely as the glamorous C was out on her friend's hen do - the bride-to-be was apparently dressed in a pink masseur's outfit, whilst the other hens had pink t-shirts and tiaras. Yeah, the usual kinda stuff!

We wandered into Manchester 235, a nice newish posh casino just off Deansgate - great atmosphere and decor (pic below is the Athena-style pictures in the ladies' loos...) but I can't believe we didn't end up trying anything as we were too busy chatting and sipping champagne! Although maybe as we'd had a lot to drink, it probably wouldn't have been a good idea to start gambling - next time maybe, seeing as we're all members now!

Both restaurants in the casino were booked up so we meandered down to Dimitri's, a greek tapas bar. There was an hour long wait apparently but J knew the owner so within seconds, we'd taken over someone's 'reserved' table...dontcha love it when you know people! :-)
I think at this point, all the drink was having an effect and the conversation descended into major girlie chat, arguments about whether ABBA were good or crap and that the majority of naked men resembled the last chicken on the supermarket shelf...
J's bf arrived to pick her up but stayed for a chat and a drink before H's bf picked the rest of us up.
All in all, a fab night, full of laughs, it all seemed to end too soon but we did start early and I'm not sure I could have stayed out til midnight drinking, thus showing my age!!
Roll on the next session!


  1. Sounds like a good night!

    But home before midnight? You can't be that old surely? :P

  2. Oi! We did start at 2.30pm so that's still 9 hours of drinking done! :-P

  3. That's why I lurve your blog, I can live vicariously through you. ABBA is certainly NOT crap. Nice pic of the naked man.