Tuesday, June 26, 2007

New Balls Please!

I should have put money on the clouds opening on the first day of the Wimbledon tennis championships yesterday but I didn't. Still, I'm grateful for this diversion before the football season starts up again (and annoyed that I didn't get any tickets in the ballot this year).

Without our very own world number 8 Scot Andy Murray taking part (out due to a wrist injury), the hopes and anticipations of the entire English/British (delete as applicable) tennis-loving nation falls on the shoulders of one 'Tiger' Tim Henman.

Whether Tim will progress to the latter stages of the tournament is highly debatable but last night, with his match stopped at 5-5 in the fifth and final set due to bad light, he certainly entertained the crowds, showing some real grit and tenacity.

Tim's not much of a looker, hence the picture of the easier-on-the-eye Andy Roddick...hehe!

Generally, I prefer watching ladies' tennis as I don't enjoy the men's dull powerserving but Tim's one of the good ones to watch, though infinitely frustrating.

EDIT - Well done, Tiger Tim!

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  1. I like women's tennis, but I have to watch it with the sound down. All that grunting and squealing is just annoying!

    The reason it's raining everywhere in the country is because Wimbledon's on. It's one of the laws of England!