Saturday, May 05, 2007

Manc Derby

Well it was a beautiful day for football (I was able to take some nice pics with my phone) - shame the action on the pitch didn't live up to expectations.

My first Manchester derby, the stadium was heaving, 47,000 full capacity, free blue and white scarves were provided to all the home fans who were in full singing mode (still don't comprehend why some youngsters insisted on shouting 'Munich Munich' at the away fans - they would not even have born at the time of the disaster?)

United seemed subdued, probably suffering from Champions League exit hangover, creating very few chances but City were obviously missing Joey Barton (who probably will never pull on a City shirt again after his recent punchup with a fellow player) and were lost without him.

The game was won by the Manc Reds via a Ronaldo penalty, which virtually gave them a handhold on the league title - this fact just all but summed up City's season.

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  1. The whole "Munich, Munich" thing is getting pretty tired, don't you think? And what a bunch of James Blunts for keep bringing it up, if you'll excuse the rhyming slang. Just don't see the point.
    Nice that you got to go, though. I'll only be in Blighty fer 2 weeks over the Arctic Monkeys' concerts, so season'll be over and done with.
    Shame about them Blue Mancs.


    Naw, just sporting rivalry, you understand....