Friday, May 04, 2007

End of the Week

Well, I'm glad it's a weekend and a long one too. I'm having an extra long weekend as I'm off to bonny Scotland for a couple of days to visit a mate from uni I haven't seen in many years. Would be good to catch up.

Hopefully the glamorous C is back from her travels - I've missed her but she's always got a busy schedule.

Hmm...I don't appear to have posted about last weekend when I went out on the town with the girlies - will do a catch up at some point.

Off to the Manc derby tomorrow - I will be a Blue (City are my second team) although there's little chance of them preventing a total United annihilation (to make up for their recent loss in Europe - hehe).


  1. I apologise (and I hate myself for it), but I'll actually be wanting ManUre to win. If not today then when they play Chelsea in a week. I just don't want to see Chelski buy another trophy. At least this season ManUre will have won it on merit, not bank balance.

    However, I'm hugely happy they both got knocked out of the CL.

  2. I don't want either of them to win anything but no such chance this year, unless United win everything else.