Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Ah well, it wasn't to be.

AC Milan got their revenge after all - it was just too much to ask for the Reds to come back from a 2-0 deficit, although they did pull one back with a late Kuyt goal.

Liverpool had most of the possession in the first half but so many wasted crosses. They could have and should have taken advantage of a lack-lustre Milan, who didn't have many chances but when they did, they punished the English team severely.

Here's to next season.


  1. I watched it on a rooftop bar in Amman. Go figure. Liverpool should have capitalised on something like 65% possession in the first half. Instead, a stupid defensive cockup and a goal that looked suspiciously like handball really made it hard for them.

    Still, an entertaining 90 minutes.

  2. We need some one who change the game. Stevie was crap that night. Remember how Owen could change the game. We've not really replace him since he left. Carra is world class but defenders don't really change the game.
    Reds In The Burgh

  3. I have to say for the bitterest of blues, I felt sorry for Liverpool.

    I never though they would be words that I would ever utter.