Friday, March 02, 2007

'Arms Race' = bad word?

I first heard Fall Out Boy's latest single 'This Aint A Scene, It's An Arms Race' a few weeks back on an independent radio station, probably late at night.

It's a great song, somewhat like the songs from their previous album From Under the Cork Tree which I think is really good, full of catchy, punchy tunes.

This morning, I was listening to Radio 1 and the song came on...with a difference.

For some reason, the BBC appear to think that some of the words in the line 'This aint a scene, it's a god-damned arms race' offensive (namely 'god-damned' and 'arms race' - they've never been religious before...), so they've done a radio-edit on the line each time it appears in the song...which is lots of times.

What you get now is 'This aint a scene, it's a gorramd arse face...LOL!

I'm surprised they're not inundated with complaints...

Anyway, the week's whizzed by but for once, it's been pretty productive. Hopefully I can get things back on track and in order before things really start kicking off business-wise and they definitely will - I'd put money on it...

After last week's tense badminton match, had a more usual rallying battle against the glamorous C - our matches are getting closer and closer, harder for me to beat her now but being the good sport, I was coaching her this evening! Should make the games even more interesting!

Have a nice weekend all!


  1. Yes I noticed the same thing on Radio 1 with this song!

    You have to see this video, its the song with "misheard lyrics"...

  2. "A gorram arse-face"? Do the censors watch Firefly too, then?


    Ah well. Good old Beeb, helping us to avoid all those dirty things we aren't old enough to judge unsuitable for us.
    Having said that, Chris Moles regularly uses 'bloody' int conversation, and Russell Brand comes out wi all manner of borderline naughty words, LOL


    (not enjoying Blighty, and missing today's FCUM match!)