Friday, March 09, 2007

Friday, 星期五, Vendredi, Freitag, Fredag...

Fence says "Thank Crunchie it's Friday" and she's right - another tough week of early mornings and late nights with stress in the middle, so I for one am pretty glad it's the weekend.

Even better is that next week, I only have a ONE day week as I need to use up my holidays or lose them. It's not a good time to take time off cos of things at work bubbling and about to come to a head but that's how things go.

What have I got planned during my time off?

Lie-ins, a couple of days of doing absolutely nothing but read and watch tv, going to watch a midweek Premiership footie match, spending some time with me best girlie mate, getting my car serviced, maybe catch up on some housework/financial paperwork, annoying the boyfriend - the list of what I could do is endless but not everything is planned so I'll just do whatever!

Looking forward to it. Six more days to pay day though...


  1. Days with nothing to do are the best kind. I've never been one of those people who need to organise "activities" for my days off, just lounging about, doing nowt can be perfect.

  2. 嘩, 星期五? 好耐都冇見有人打漢字!
    今日我會多數睇電影, 睇電視, 做老師的功課.