Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Company Quiz Night

So it was the annual quiz night last night, organised by the sports & social club at work, free for members, hot and cold buffet included, prizes to win, so of course, this meant a good turn out!

The venue, for the third year in a row, was an old fashioned, smokey, funny-smelling pub near Trafford - the type of establishment where if you wandered into the 'wrong' area, all conversation stopped and the locals eyed you suspiciously... or maybe that was just with me!

Still, you couldn't complain about the drinks prices - I bought a pint and a couple of soft drinks and still had change from a fiver - couldn't believe it! Am so used to getting ripped off in Manchester pubs!

Anyway, my team didn't win - we came fifth out of thirteen teams but here are some questions that had us stumped on the night...yeah, yeah, I know, they're easy if you Google for the answers... :

- In which year did the one pound note cease to become legal tender?
- What is the proper name for the North Star?
- Which country's flag is made up of just one colour?
- Which is the oldest vegetable first eaten by humans? The bean, pea or potato?
- What is the currency of the Czech Republic?
- In which year did Steve Redgrave win his first Olympic gold medal?

Must try harder next year!


  1. which country's flag *does* only have one colour?

  2. Libya - it's just green.