Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Time Goes By

It's already practically the end of February already - where did the month go? Time is just flying by too quickly - must be getting old(er).
Had a nice lazy weekend - met up with the glamorous C and her kids in the Trafford Centre on Saturday. Seems like I haven't seen her in ages so was good to catch up. Resisted all temptation to buy anything - still on a tight budget...

The bf's dodgy back is playing up again - he's a bit of a wreck these days and when he's being annoying, I do feel like trading him in for a new model... How could I though?? ;-)

Really getting into my origami again - it's pretty therapeutic - here's a pic of some of the stuff I've been making. The boxes are quite easy to make and are probably my favourite model to make. I'll see if I can concentrate long enough to make some of those really complicated mathematical models.


  1. I think someone got my age mixed up, no way I can be 28 ;) I certainly don't feel it.

    The origami looks cool, I used to be able to make that swan, but don't know if I can remember any more.

  2. Only 28?

    You youngster you! :)