Friday, February 23, 2007

Zeroes to Heroes

Well, I haven't posted about football in a while but I do need to mention a bit about the fantabulous 2-1 victory Liverpool enjoyed over European Champions Barcelona at the Nou Camp! YAY!

All headlines leading up the match had been about some scrap involving karaoke and a golf club between Liverpool team-mates Bellamy and Riise but it was these two 'villains' who scored the winning goals. Brilliant.

Anyway, that was the only victory of the night as I got my little arse kicked by my colleague in badminton. Yeah, he won 7-1 but hey, a few of those games went to tie-break and the others were all pretty close too. He's also got height and age advantage... Anyway, come the rematch, it'll be a more even result...that's if he'll take me on in a rematch cos apparently, he was knackered the next day, so that made me feel good that I gave him a good game! I'm feeling a little bit achey myself but I'm not going to tell him that, hehe!

This week's been better, still loads to do but it's whizzed by. Got nothing planned this week, so anything goes, be it sleep, vegging in front of the tv/laptop, getting drunk at home!

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