Sunday, February 04, 2007

Too Fast

After a really tough week at work, the weekend seems to have just flown by, in the blink of an eye.

Still, I've managed to catch up on some sleep, had a bit of time to do some reading, sold some stuff on Ebay and posted it out, even did a little housework and made a start on organising my paperwork. But it's the evening already and then the working week begins all over again. I need to book a day off soon.

I've missed the glamorous C not being around - her chatting about what she gets up to in her life distracts me from work and my own problems. Otherwise I just end up dwelling and brooding on stuff and this is sad but I had dreams about work last week and woke up thinking about work too. Hmmm. Anyway, she's back next week (I think) so it'll be good to catch up.

Not blogged about the rabbit in a while - little Casper is all grown up now and is still such a cute bunny. It's quite therapeutic having him running around in the kitchen (he's house-trained) although you can't be cooking or anything as he just gets under your feet.

Anyway, gonna try and chill for the rest of the evening - hope everyone had a good one!

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