Thursday, February 08, 2007

Looooong weekend

I had my half-yearly appraisal at work the other day, my first one for my current role. I don't like them, I'm not the kind of person to blow my own trumpet, I'm too quick to talk about things I can improve on, so I probably don't sell myself as well as I should. The glamorous C gave me some pointers at lunchtime and they were useful.

Anyway, it went well, probably better than I expected. Whether this will translate into any sort of monetary value is anyone's guess, but at least my work and efforts have been noted officially.

This week has been better but I've booked myself a long weekend (Friday and Monday off), which didn't go down too well, given my current workload and the boss is also on holiday. Hey, I've got days to use up as I can't carry them all over into the next holiday period, so I'm using them! Plus I'm feeling pretty stressed out and just need to recharge my batteries.

Had a good badminton session tonight with the glamorous C - she's off to Milan next week and then somewhere else the following week. I may challenge one of the guys at work who seems to think there's no way I can beat him... :)

Anyway, looking forward to some chillout time - shame there's still 7 more days before I get paid!

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