Thursday, February 15, 2007

Hearts and stuff

Valentine's Day - hope everyone had a good one.

The day started off quite well, made a lot of progress at work and then at lunchtime, I was teaching J some basic origami as she was thinking of using little paper flowers and stuff to brighten things up at her forthcoming wedding. It was like being back at junior school learning fun stuff with coloured bits of paper!

Then the rest of the afternoon descended into one of those nightmare days - I kept my cool as someone ranted at me down the phone and when he realised I wasn't going to back down and do as he said, he got his boss to call me. Good job his boss was more understanding and actually listened to what I said but the damage was done and my brain and temper was fried.

Got home to find a card and Forever Friends teddy/photoframe from the bf - I treated him to McDonalds and to the 'Hannibal Rising' movie - this must have all measured like minus something on the Romantic Richter Scale but it was better than staying in and being miserable.

What's next on the calendar? Must be Easter...

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