Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Loo Incident

It's all kicking off at work. Masses to do. Missed deadlines. Chinese whispers. New big boss to meet and greet and have a one-to-one with - what's that going to be all about? (I'm due in this afternoon...)

Anyway, went into the ladies' loos and noticed that the sanitary unit inside had been removed from the cubicle I'd entered. Gone for cleaning/emptying, I thought.

Was sitting on the loo when there was a knock on my cubicle door and a distinctly male voice said "Hello?"

I replied "Yes, this toilet is being used!"

"Oh," was all he said.

So, what did the guy expect me to do? Open the door so he could replace the sanitary unit, whilst I was pulling up my underwear!??? And where was his sign to say he was working in the toilet area?

Anyway, when I came out, unsurprisingly, he'd legged it.

There was girl in one of the other cubicles and when she came out, we looked at each other and just fell about laughing.

Maybe it wasn't that funny but laffs are in short supply at work at the moment so I'll take what I can!


  1. That is quite funny. I would have asked if he would be so kind as to hand me a tampon as there seemed to be a missing unit in the stall. He really would have hoofed it out of the women's loo.

  2. Naw, should have asked him to take yer used one, a he'd nicked the bin, LOL
    Yeah, I know, I'm going int bad fire fer that one....