Saturday, January 27, 2007

Would-Be Thieves

As the glamorous C hasn't been around to play badminton, I've been going to the gym a coupla times a week. There's a new machine there called a Power Plate, which is basically like a vibrating platform - it's great!

The other night, after a good workout, I thought I'd wind down in the sauna. I left my washbag outside and relaxed in the lovely heat and quiet of the empty sauna. A few minutes later, I noticed two girls, aged around 11-12 loitering and giggling outside. I closed my eyes and hoped that they weren't going to come in and spoil the peace. Fortunately, they didn't come in.

When I was done, I went outside and noticed that my washbag wasn't on the floor where I'd left it. What with stress at work and general forgetfulness, I checked my locker in case I hadn't taken it out after all. But it wasn't there - someone had taken it from outside the sauna! I mean, it's not new but looks new; bright pink and blue with a cartoon girl on the front. Not expensive but it had my shower gel, shampoo and conditioner inside.

I thought about the girls hovering outside the sauna and I was fuming as I got dressed, hot, bothered and unshowered.

As I walked out of the gym and through the sports club restaurant, I spotted the two girls. In a confrontational mood, I calmly walked up to them - they were now in their school uniforms and as is usual for kids these days, were both bigger than me...

Anyway, despite my anger, I didn't want to be hostile so I just asked them politely if they had picked up my washbag 'by accident'. The question obviously stunned them into silence, until one of them blurted out that she had 'seen someone take it.' Okay.....

So I thanked her for the information and informed her that I was now going to Reception to report the theft and that I would tell them that she saw someone steal my washbag.

As if by magic, as I was stood at Reception, the girls came running up to me saying that they had 'found my washbag'... I didn't ask them where they found it.

So, it turned out to be a happy ending after all and I hope there was some sort of lesson taught to the two girls.


  1. You go girl!

    Dont think I'd have confronted anyone, I'd run away and replace it anyway! But I'm just a coward

  2. You're no coward Charby - you've been known to confront dangerous shoplifters!

  3. Well done for confronting them, it isn't the British mentality but you proved it pays to do so!

  4. Nice one! The old British softly-softly-catchee-monkey thing works then, eh?