Monday, January 22, 2007

www - Work, Worry, Weekend

Friday - usually a happy day as it's the last day of the week, is often a pub-lunch day (for me) and we get to wear 'casual' clothes, eg jeans and stuff to work.

Unfortunately, the Friday just gone wasn't such a happy one. My mate A went for a job which was tailor-made for her but didn't get it. Looks like fat-boy-teacher's-pet excelled himself with his bullshitting and after two years of sitting on his lard arse, has gotten himself a promotion - what a bad call - we're all so gutted (apart from him of course).

That was the first bit of bad news.

The company I work for is undergoing yet another 're-organisation' - this has resulted in there being too many directors creaming the cash off the top.

The second piece of bad news is that my boss' boss didn't get the director role that was up for grabs, which means he's on his way out. As for what that means for us, we don't know yet. Relocation from Manchester to Surrey or Bristol? Maybe, though after 11 years, I think I'll take the redundancy package thank you very much.

Crap - but we could end up unscathed. Anyway, we still had a pub lunch but it wasn't the usual jolly affair.

Saturday cheered me up as we went down to Wales to meet up with MR for her husband's surprise 40th birthday party. Strange how we travelled all the way there yet some of his friends who lived within walking distance down the road couldn't make it...

Anyway, we didn't get home til 2am - it was enjoyable and nice to catch up.

Oh and Liverpool beat Chelsea 2-0. Had to mention that!

Another long week ahead!


  1. I love the term "redundancy package." It's so much better than the U.S. term - "laid off."

  2. Sorry to hear about the threat of redundancy. I have been in that position in the's not a very nice situation.

    I hope it works out for the best.