Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Grab A Free Console!? (UK only)

I know someone at work who's been lucky enough to get a freebie Nintendo Wii console through this scheme. Me, I'm not so ambitious, so am going to try for a PS 2 console...

Technically, the term 'free' isn't true, as you need to spend £10 on a deal - this is how it works:

Click my link here, join up for free, select which console you want, sign up to one of the offered 'deals', then get other people/your friends to sign up using your link.

The number of friends required to sign up to enable you to get your console will depend on the console you have chosen, eg only a few friends needed to sign up for a Gameboy, more friends needed for the newer consoles eg Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360 etc.

So if anyone wants to help me get something, please click on my link - worth a try anyway.

Thanks very muchly in advance!

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  1. Hey weenie! It's up! I originally worked with the blue for hours but it just didn't work so I'm sort of copying yours after all.... :P Come see?