Sunday, December 03, 2006

Shopping Makes You Feel Better...

Whilst the bf went off to do little boy things (paintballing with his little pals), I did little gal things today, ie went for some shopping therapy.

Christmas shopping for presents, you may be asking?

Nope, this was the pure selfish type of shopping, ie everything I bought was for me and me only. Ok, I did pick up a pair of pyjamas for the bf but when I saw the checkout queue, I put them back on the shelf... maybe next time.

So firstly, some cordless curling tongs, for when I feel like adding a few curls to my hair when I go out.

Next, a nice posh strappy dress (red) for our office party.

Then, some nice high heels that I probably won't be able to walk in after a few gins and finally a little silver throwaway going out bag - throwaway cos it'll probably only last the evening and then only be fit for the bin.

And finally, I picked up my Tag Heuer watch, using up the last bit of the bonus I got for the work I did in Sweden. Et voila! I finally have a nice watch to wear (and to worry about) . Kinda more expensive than the last watch I bought but I think it's worth it.

No, I'm worth it! :-)


  1. It's only logical that us girlies should get a pre-Christmas Christmas so that we can get all those things needed to see us through the office parties and festive nights out, donchafink? No good to us in January, is it?

  2. You are worth it. That is a nice watch, by the way, good choice.

  3. Are all your bf's pals little?

    Anyway, glad you had a good old shop & you're obviously going to be quite the hottie at the christmas do!