Monday, September 25, 2006

Gone To The Dogs

For a different kind of works outing the other night, we decided to go to the dogs, so a small group of us made our way to Belle Vue Stadium.

I do enjoy the odd bet but I know as much about dog racing as I do about horse racing, as in not a lot. With horses, I usually end up with the lame donkey (although I was lucky with the Grand National this year); with the dogs, my chosen hound was inevitably the flea bitten mutt at the back!

Ok, so a dog that has won its last 5 races is quite likely to come first in its next race but it's never that simple, is it? Or is it?

Anyway, we had a good night, although only one of us turned in a 'profit' - her strategy was choosing dogs with nice names...that blows form and stats out of the window! The true winner of the night was the hare - it never got caught but neither did it bother to do a lap of honour...

Had fun watching the assortment of people at the place - attendants varied from straight from work types (us, although there were some who were in very smart business-wear - unlike us), dodgy mac/sheepskin coat and flat cap types, Burberry and tracksuit-clad teenagers and ageing dolly birds who looked like they were in an over-50s night club.

Our next outing is likely to involve Bingo, another great British past-time.

I've been told it's fun so why not, eh?



  1. Bingo is a bloody brilliant night out. I went through a phase a couple of years ago of going every week.

    (you need to join up before you can go - you can't just turn up on the day).

    hell. My life has come to this: I am giving advice on how to get into a bingo hall. Sheesh.

  2. LOL - thanks for the advice!

  3. I always go with the prettiest looking dog, or the most interesting name.

  4. hey, i see you just read Dhampir.. how did you like it?
    it's one of my favorite series at the momement.

  5. Noooo! The dogs. Bingo. What's next? Ten pin bowling.

    Don't do it. They're sucking you into to a corporate void from which you may never return.

  6. Actually, I'm pretty good at 10 pin bowling...hence no one wants to go cos they get their arses wupped by lil ole me....

    I've long been a prisoner of the corporate void!

  7. Anonymous9:11 pm

    Enjoy the Bingo, though watch that you treat it with the right level of respect.

    I went with a group of mates once and the old dears scowled at us - because we laughed and joked throughout.

    Yes, I'm a blue and I'm currently in smug mode (along with the Evertonian default setting of bitter)- which my kopite mates are just about tolerating.

  8. do they still call fancy phrases for numbers in the Bingo? If they do then no point in me going. I start to visualise the description and forget to cross my numbers.

  9. Oh I would really love to go watch a dog race - but I don't think we have a dog race track or whatever they call it. I think my bets would be on the dogs I think looked the cutest..