Thursday, September 21, 2006

Clapham Junction

Meant to blog earlier in the week but I've been suffering from a really bad cold - pretty much self-inflicted as I've had two very late and drunken weekends on the trot and not been able to catch up on my sleep or recover properly and whilst in this run-down state, I caught the sniffles - I just can't hack going out any more! :( Not quite ill enough to take time off work; just as well as I have such a big pile of stuff to do.

Anyway, the uni reunion over the weekend... well, if it wasn't for the 'northern contingent', ie me and a couple of friends from Warrington, who drove down to London (picking up another friend from Maidenhead), then there wouldn't have been a reunion.

It was a good job that the guy whose house we were going to was having a house-warming at the same time, otherwise there would have been a grand total of FIVE people turning up...and that would have included the 4 of us! Maybe he knew there was going to be an extremely virtually non-existent turn out... Apparently, some people just didn't turn up even though they said they would be there and some called last minute with lame excuses. All lived in and around the London area, yet we had driven nearly 200 miles to show up (and with Sat Nav, London is quite pleasant to drive through...ish!)

Still, it was worth the trip - funny how people change over the years for the better. Nice house too, a massive 3 storey town house and the guy lived there on his own... It was a good night, mingling with people we didn't know, including his colleagues, some of whom counted celebrities as their neighbours; loads of gin, wine and beer flowed and we got some dancing in there too - terrific!

We crashed out at the Travel Lodge on Clapham Junction - had forgotten how basic some hotels are after the luxury of the Nordic Sea!

The following morning, after a slow start, we made a diversion to Oxford for a spot of lunch and to visit a uni pal who had just had a baby. Cute, crying little thing - just glad I could hand her back! ;)

And then it was a nasty 4 hour drive stuck on the M6.

The bf was still not feeling well (dodgy guts) and in a frump as I'd been away again.

Still, should have a few weekends at home now, relaxing, chilling and no doubt getting under his feet, hehe!

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