Friday, September 15, 2006

Friends Reunited...

Am off to London tomorrow for a university reunion.

Whilst I've kept in regular contact with a small group of friends I went to uni with, the bunch I'll be meeting up with tomorrow are people who were on my course but who I haven't seen or been in touch with since graduation day (which was over 10 years ago...)

Am kinda dreading it yet looking forward to it too in a way.

Hopefully, it will be trouble-free, unlike the school reunion I went to a couple of years back...


  1. ooo good luck, they often turn competitive with whose richer/poorer/fatter/balder/weirder/older/nicer type of vibe!

  2. Anonymous12:22 pm

    sod it, get drunk anyway!

  3. Have a nice re-union. Happy belated birthday Weenie Blog! Nan (former Looplog)