Thursday, September 28, 2006

What Friends Are For...

Had just gone into the loos at work and the Glamorous C says, "Right, turn around!"

"What...?" I began, but she'd turned me round herself.


"Ow!" I cried.

Between her fingers, a thick grey curly hair she'd plucked from the top of my head.

It looked like an old man's pube, or rather,what I'd imagine an old man's pube to look like...

Since I have very straight dark hair, this grey curly thing was sticking out like beacon - what a mate!

But I guess it's only a matter time before plucking them out of my head will be like trying to hold back the waves... *sigh*


  1. I always appreciate it when people pull my grays out for me. Or tell me I have a boogie.

    And thanks for that old man pubes visual. That's stick with me all day at work. :)

  2. Grey hair?
    Don't go there, girl!

  3. You'll be ok when you get older. The grey hairs will just fall out all by themselves. Apparently. Hasn't happened to us yet though. (Phew!)