Monday, June 05, 2006

Just the Tonic!

My second to last weekend in Stockholm and my glamorous mate C came to visit me again. Last time she was over, we had a majorly chilled weekend doing, well, not a lot! This time we decided that with the lovely weather, we had to see some of the city. And of course sink a few G&T's or two in what was considered her 'leaving do'.

Friday night, we had drinks in the Sky Bar of the Radisson Hotel (where we were staying) - being on the 9th floor, we were treated to a nice panoramic view of Stockholm at night.

Up early on Saturday and we went to Skansen and wandered around the place for a few hours in the sunshine. My second visit here but I still didn't get to see everything - such a great open place that a third visit will probably planned for my final weekend in Stockholm (with the bf).

Went to the Vasa Museum again - the old preserved ship never ceases to amaze me and fill me with awe - there were also some new bits to the exhibition that weren't there when I last visited.

Instead of taking the bus back and despite our weary feet, we strolled back to the hotel, deftly criss-crossing roads to try to avoid runners in the Stockholm marathon!

Alas, we didn't get to relax like we did last time, getting the sauna opening times mixed up, but still, it was kinda novel riding the hotel lifts in our dressing gowns and slippers!

A nice steak dinner, washed down with very generous measures of gin & tonic at the Nordic Light bar. Wandered back to the Sky bar and tried our hand at Black Jack at the mini hotel casino (should have quit when I was winning...!). Was a great evening, loads of laughs and funny chats.

Sunday, we were going to go on a boat trip but not only were there big queues (didn't book tickets...doh!), but the water looked kinda choppy. Neither of us have good sealegs at the best of times, and the thought of being on a boat with a hangover turned me a bit green!

We wandered along the waterfront, across to the island Skeppsholmen and then finally, came to rest on the tiny island Kastellholmen (the Vasa ship sank near this island), sitting on the rocks along with a few Swedish sun-worshippers, admiring the view, enjoying the weather and catching a little exhibition of planes doing a fly-past. Occasionally, we could hear the faint screams of people on the rollercoaster at the Tivoli funfare, which could be seen across the waterway. We sat there for a couple of hours - great relaxation.

Noodles for lunch when we got back to the hotel - another trip up and down the lift in dressing gowns and slippers (sauna had closed early...again!), then we were out for what should have been a quiet night.

Numerous G&Ts later, we hadn't moved from the bar to go to the restaurant and in fact, we only moved after they'd called last orders - oops!

Made a feeble attempt at packing and crashed out at 1.30am ish.

Another fab weekend, really felt like we were on holiday. Me and C are like chalk and cheese, but as friends, we really click. Can't help but laugh at her and she really doesn't seem to mind!

Felt and looked like death warmed up today - and didn't get a lot of work done!

Time for detox methinks!

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  1. Detox?
    That's what weekdays are for isn't it?