Tuesday, June 06, 2006


An ominous date (if you go by the hype for the remake of 'The Omen' film...) but today is actually Sveriges Nationaldag, or rather Sweden's National Day.

As I'm not actually entitled to this holiday, since I take all the UK bank holidays, I went into the office and for the first few hours, I was the only person in the whole building.

No interruptions, printer all to myself, mp3 player on, it was pretty good...until I swivelled round on my chair and nearly had the crap scared out of me as a colleague was like right behind me, about to tap me on the shoulder (ok, so my music was on a little loud and I didn't hear him knock on the door!). I think I may have squealed like a sad girlie and jumped about a foot off my chair - embarrassing!

Left late afternoon to make the most of the nice weather and after dropping off my laptop at the hotel, wandered into Stockholm towards Kungsträdgården (kinda like an open park-like area with loads of cafes, stalls etc). The blue and yellow flag of Sweden was everywhere, every other person/child was holding a little flag.

After resting in the park and taking a few photos, I meandered back via the shops, which was a bit lethal for my credit card, since I ended up buying a cool bikini (who'd have thought it - buying a bikini so close to the Arctic...?) and some presents which I'm going to struggle to take back to the UK - too much sun to the head I think!

Anyway, an early night for me tonight since I have an invite to a 'recognition' dinner with Big Boss Lady who's making a state visit tomorrow and I want to try to make some sort of good impression. Best stay off the alcohol tomorrow - don't want to say something I'll regret...

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  1. heh nice job 30 credits blog tycoon.