Wednesday, June 07, 2006

3 Lions On A Shirt...

I haven't really talked about the World Cup here yet, because in the next few weeks, I know I will probably end up talking about little else (although I will try...).

Two days to go and yep, I can't wait! Can England go all the way? My heart says possibly, but my head says probably not. Will Wayne Rooney feature at all? Only today's scan will confirm if Shrek will be part of the squad or not.

I'm really gutted that I didn't get any tickets as I really fancied going over to Germany, but maybe next time.

Spare a thought for poor Iranian women who are not allowed to watch their team ever, as it's been deemed "...un-Islamic for a woman to look at a strange man's legs - even if she didn't take pleasure from it".

Well, I for one will be trying to catch as many games as possible on TV, whilst taking lots of pleasure looking at as many strange men's legs as possible....


  1. It's un-lesbian to look at a strange man's legs. What's your point?

    World Cup? When? Where? Do we care?

  2. hello im across the baltic from u in helsinki, im irish so sadly i cannot support your 3 lions, i will have to stick to togo to bring glory.
    Do u like sweden and do all swedish people say that finns are gay because the finns have been saying nothong else about swedes since i got here, it must be a country rivalry thing

  3. Like you my heart says we can go all the way but my head says we probably won' never know though, anything's possible!

    Come on England!

  4. Hej Rafalution, I do like Sweden and the Swedes, and whilst I haven't heard them refer to the Finns as gay, well, I guess there is a big Scandanavian rivalry going on (Finland won the Eurovision and that really hurt Sweden!). They also have things to say about the Norwegians too. Must be a Viking thing! :)