Sunday, June 11, 2006

A Game of Two Halves

Well it's started and although England got the 3 points, they flagged dreadfully in the second half. Blaming it on the heat is pitiful - everyone else is in the same boat. However, Trinidad & Tobago held the Swedes to a draw so did us a welcome favour - guess they won't be so jolly in the office tomorrow!

I've watched 4 of the matches so far on tv - brill! Today was a lovely scorcher of a day, so I was out in my bikini in the garden spending some time with the bf (but with the footie on the radio - fab!)

Another two weeks solid in Stockholm to look forward to, which will include lots of football, drinking, the bf at some point and a summer party. Oh and my birthday too! Hey, I am over there to work too, but time is running out so I want to enjoy things!

1 comment:

  1. I've watched a few of the games, but the whole World Cup experience isn't as much fun when we aren't in it :)

    England played really well in the first half, but obviously whatever Sven said at half-time was spirit-sucking, because the second half was terrible.
    And the subs he made? what was that all about.