Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Gratulera med dagen!! *

Happy Birthday to me! :)

Another year older. Wiser? Maybe!

One of my Swedish colleagues tried to guess my age and had me 8-9 years younger - I'll be buying him a beer or two tonight! ;)

Anyway, since this is such an auspicious occasion, thought I'd post a weenie picture of myself here... tomorrow, I'll remove it so I can remain an anonymous-ish blogger!

Anyway, tonight I'm having a World Cup/Birthday party - woohoo, get the beers in! Or shall I stick to G&T...decisions, decisions...

* Happy Birthday!


  1. did we miss the picture?


    (happy birthday, by the way. what are you know? 45? 46?)

  2. Thanks and yeah, you missed the pic, it was there for only 24 hours.

    A few years before I hit forty, but getting closer....gawd...

  3. You leave blogland for one week (kind of) and miss a photo opportunity.

    Re-post it. But tell me you've re-posted it.

    Come on. I bit the bullet. How spastic did I look ... while appearing to grope a well known gay comedienne.

  4. It wasn't a very good photo, hardly revealing, but I guess I could put it up again.

    Ok, if England beat Trinidad & Tobago tonight, I'll put the photo up again and let you know, Jo.

  5. Sorry it's late but happy birthday! Hope you had a good one!

    And for tonight of course...COME ON ENGLAND! :)

  6. Inspite of my aversion to fuzball I do know for a fact that England won something 2-0.

    Impressed ?

  7. DARN! I missed the photo. Happy Birthday to you!

  8. Thanks all and so England did win so I'll stick the pic up again...don't hold your breath, it's really not that good!

  9. I'm wondering if you stuck to the beers? Those G&T's used to give me a nasty hangover! Happy Belated Birthday!