Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Another Jolly

There can never be enough Bank Holidays, so why not see if we can get another one?

St George - he slew a dragon, didn't he? Oh, he's patron saint of England too.

Anyway, click here to join the campaign to make St George's Day (23rd April) a national holiday.

Me, I'd like another day off.

Need it.

Although, whilst I'm here in Scandinavia, I'll just take it in lieu thank you very much.


  1. Well, I've signed the petition.

    I think I'll post about my feelings on St. Georges day.

    Not today though.

  2. Yeah its about time St Georges Day had more recognition. The country has gone so PC that no one ever seems to be able to declare there pride in England and that really pees me off. Everyone else can be proud of their coutry but we have to be over considerate of everyone else to the point where English celebrations and traditions get lost along the way!

    I have nothing against multi culture, the diversity of my friends (for example) I wouldn't change for the world but I think we have every right to be proud of England too (well most the time hehe).

    Apologies for the rant guess that subject hit a nerve lol!