Sunday, March 26, 2006

V Good

Went to see 'V for Vendetta' and thought it was mind-blowingly good, thought-provoking, conceptually and visually stunning. Natalie Portman was superb as Evey.

The bf however walked out halfway through the movie, thinking it was "anti-English"... he must have been watching something else I reckon. Or he didn't understand all the talky bits (and there is a lot of talking too).

I haven't read the graphic novel of the same name by Alan Moore, so I don't know how close the film is to the book - probably not very close. I can imagine that the film-makers jazzed up the political content so that it could be related to by today's audience, seeing as Moore's book was written in the early 80s, Thatcherite years.

I think I'll order my own copy off Amazon, to see for myself.


  1. I'm curious what bf did after he walked out. Did he just walk around angry at the movie, waiting for you to finish with it. I don't think I have ever walked out on a movie although I came close with Blade II. I just don't do well with scary movies but was trying to impress my bf at the time. Now he knows I have a weak stomach.

  2. He was in the bar next door... where else? :) I don't think I've walked out on a movie either - figured that I've paid for it, I'll sit through it even if it's rubbish!

  3. But how can it be anti-english when the hero was English. And it was the regular people of england that were the victims?

    I thought that they shouldn't have changed the English flag. Could you imagine how much more effective it would've been had the white and red flag been used as opposed to the overly Nazi-ish black and red double cross thing.

  4. Agree there, Fence - dunno where he was coming from. And yes, it should have been an English flag but I guess the Nazi-ish flag has a more international impact. Found out today that many Americans actually get the English and Danish flag mixed up...

  5. Anonymous12:03 pm

    I'm taking your advice and seeing it as soon as I find time. Lurvely.