Friday, February 03, 2006

Två vecken*

Ok, I've done two weeks now of working 3 days in Stockholm, 1 day in Manchester (1 day lost travelling...)

I'm knackered.

Workwise, I have a huge mountain to climb - the challenge is exciting but I hope I'm not flagging already. I can see that I've already made some headway but I've only chipped at the surface really.

Hours have been 8am - 8pm, although I did stay in the office one night until 10.15pm. Some people are used to working hours like these - I'm not. Well, not yet anyway.

I've seen nothing of Stockholm but frankly, I've just wanted to get back to the hotel room to rest.

No news still of how long this assignment is going to last but it's going to be more than a few weeks and today, I got a brand new company mobile phone, so that indicates some sort of longterm-ness I guess.

The bf is getting fed up already of me being away, even more so as I'm flying out on Sunday to get an extra day's work in.

And I've broken one of my NY resolutions already because I'm too tired to go to the gym this week.


* = Two weeks


  1. 12 hour days? That is just scary. I can barely handle my 8 hour, not too busy work days :)

  2. I am back ! - The Looplog has moved to a new location - :) I hope you are doing great Weenie !

    - I think, it's so cool that you get to travel so much with your work - I am sure many people envy you that.

  3. Anonymous8:29 pm

    what's Stockholm like? I know you were working but did it leave an impression?

  4. that's a lot of work. Hope you get to see some of the local sights, though.

  5. Hi, thanks for the comments.

    Stockholm from the bits I've seen whilst travelling by taxi is lovely - lots of snow at the moment.

    I hope to see some sights next weekend when I stay over and the bf comes for a visit!

  6. *sniggers at the score*