Sunday, February 12, 2006

Handväska på gryning*

My weekend home has come and gone in the blink of an eye, but at least I've managed to catch up on some sleep. I'm not home next weekend so steeling myself for a fortnight away.

When I stepped off the plane at Manchester airport on Thurs night, I started sneezing and having a runny nose... how could this happen when I've just come from snowy minus 12 degrees Stockholm??? Evidently, Manchester is a lot colder...or just full of cold germs! Needless to say, whilst I got to catch up on my sleep, the resulting snoring caused by my blocked nose kept the poor bf awake.

Anyway, had a good week at work, managed to get a lot done. We were graced with a visit from the European CEO, from hereon referred to as Big Boss Lady. On Tues, Big Boss Lady had a tour of the offices and met up with Swedish Boss Lady. On Weds, Big Boss Lady took us out for an evening meal to thank us for our hard work - I was sat kinda opposite her and took care not to drink too much in case I said something stupid - Swedish Boss Lady wasn't invited... On Thurs, we found out that Big Boss Lady had sacked Swedish Boss Lady.

Moral wasn't too good in the office before - dreading what it's going to be like tomorrow...

Anyway, the bf is coming over to visit me at the weekend and I hope we get to see loads of Stockholm! Oh and also have a belated Valentine's meal!

* = Handbags at Dawn


  1. Was Swedish Boss Lady terrible where she deserved to be sacked? Is that why morale was so bad? Maybe it will be better now. Hope you and bf have a wonderful weekend together taking in Stockholm. And sounds like you're learning the language pretty well.

  2. Thao, I can't take any credit for the language...just using a dictionary!

    As for Swedish Boss Lady - someone high up had to be the scapegoat and it happened to be her. I'm not entirely sure if she deserved the sack, as I haven't been here long enough yet to find out. There's a lot of people off sick this week, so morale still has a way to go to get better...

  3. Hehe I undestand Swedish - it is pretty much the same as Danish :D.

    I hope you get to see some of Stockholm - it should be a neat city.

  4. I am having the opposite problem with the snoring at the moment, Hubby is all bunged up so know how poor bf feels hehe!

    Enjoy your valentines meal!