Saturday, September 11, 2004

Weekend begins

Ok, I'm impressed now that I remembered to log in here - woohoo! This isn't too bad for me, memory like a sieve these days! I should have gotten up earlier -the boyfriend got up at around 8am and I could hear him on his pc but I couldn't persuade myself to get up until an hour or so later.

Today, I will take some old clothes, books etc to the charity shop (need a huge clear out but doing it a bit at a time), take some empty bottles to the bottle bank, do the weekly shopping and have agreed to go walking with the bf afterwards. The weather reports that it's going to be crap this weekend after some lovely sunshine this week whist we've been stuck in the office - typical! :(

Lots of housework needs to be done too - hope I get round to doing some... Not done the vacuuming for weeks and the ironing is piled up again...

My sis arrives today too from Hong Kong, so can meet up with her tomorrow. It was her birthday in July but she didn't know what she wanted, so I still need to get her something.

Am aching a little from the gym session on Thursday - deffo need to lose around an inch from my waist so worked out a lot on my stomach and sides - need to keep this up though. Have also tried to increase my cardio session in the gym, ie on the cross trainer and treadmill - will increase back to the 40 mins I used to do per gym session but it's only at 30 mins right now.

Best sign off now.

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