Friday, September 10, 2004

It's a start

Am pretty certain this isn't my first blogger, but it's been so long since I updated my other one, I can't even remember what I called it!

Funny how I didn't keep it up, as from the age of 11 up to my mid-twenties, I religiously kept a diary, writing about what happened in my daily life, which wasn't often very exciting but hey, it was my life and I lived it.

Found that I was struggling to keep a diary - it became an effort to remember what I did that day and if I got behind, then I'd be backtracking for days, thinking about what I had done, etc. So I stopped buying diaries and sometimes, I've regretted this.

Anyway, I've started this now and hopefully, will be able to keep this more or less up to date. Spend so much time on the pc both at work and at home, so I should be able to jot something down here about what I'm doing at this time of my life.

Not sure when I'll update next, but perhaps tonight or over the weekend.

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