Saturday, September 25, 2004

Weekend approaches

Hmm...been kinda busy today at work, hence no time to do blogs!

Went to the pub at lunchtime with AM and Jo - J couldn't make it, had a meeting. Scoffed fish & chips, so I won't have a proper tea tonight but I think I have 3-4 cans of beer at home so will have those instead, plus a snack of some sort.

The boyfriend didn't call me today - guess I'm used to him calling me at least once a day whilst I'm at work - will have to see what's up!

Question is for tonight - shall I do some ironing or leave it til tomorrow, before we go to the ....REUNION!!!

Think I'll leave it til tomorrow - can't be arsed tonight.

Steps today - only 1922! Omigod, less than yesterday - I gotta get moving around the office! I think as long I've got the pedo, I'll try and include the number of steps I do. If I make it to 3000 per day, that will be an achievement!

Off home now. Maybe have something to write about later.

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