Friday, September 24, 2004


Ok, I'm not overweight, but I seriously need to lose at least an inch from round my waist - my work skirts are getting kinda tight and I don't want to start getting all elasticated waists so I'm comfortable! I don't eat too much, not really into sweets, chocolates or other snacks, only have alcohol at weekend (starting on Fridays...) but I could do with doing more exercise than just my one 1.5 hour session at the gym each week.

Decided to get a pedometer to see how many steps I do on average - apparently 6000 steps per day is "Healthy" whereas 10,000 steps per day is the point where you start "burning off excess fat." I'd guess that I do only around 2000 - I mean I don't walk anywhere, I drive! I'm at a desk all day and bar a few treks to the ladies or down to the canteen, I don't walk anywhere except to the car and back! My sis had a pedometer when we went down to see her in London and 10,000 steps was quite a lot but hey, I'd made my mind up.

Checked out ebay and bought a little green pedometer. When it arrived, it looked like a kid's toy, like one of those Tamagotchi eggs (that I used to have!). Problem was - instead of just measuring steps, the crappy thing was ultra-sensitive and measured all movements - thus, me sitting at my pc, typing, taking/making calls and moving around my desk notched up a 1000 steps, even though I hadn't left my seat! Serves me right for buying cheap at £4.99! :(

Ok, so I thought I really need to do this so gonna have to splash out a bit more cash (that I don't really have at the mo!). £18 later, got me a little dinky Silva Pedometer Plus - a Swedish make but means nothing really as it's made in Taiwan... Looks more of the business anyway and will be using it today.

When I left work, I'd only done around 2500 steps! That's crap! Went to the gym tonight, 20 mins on cross trainer, 10 mins running/walking on the treadmill - looked at the pedo....8600! What do I need to do to get the 10k! Guess I will have to try and be a bit more mobile at work - drink more water = more trips to the loo, etc!

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