Friday, June 06, 2014

London Calling

Further to this post, I went down to London (travelling first class on company expenses, woohoo) for a 3 day course last week.

It was very intensive, all about self-awareness, self-development and career progression. I probably didn't network as much as I should have, keeping to the people who I work with but as I don't work with them on a daily basis, I got to know them a lot better. I also got to chat to various members of the senior leadership team, including our CEO, who is one sassy lady (and into 'Breaking Bad'!)

The second evening we were there ended up being a big night - fortunately, I slowed down my drinking but rolled into bed at 3am. My friend SW didn't get in til 4.30am so you can imagine what we were like at 9am the next morning - I was seriously falling asleep!

All in all, it was a good experience and I took some useful hints away with me and found out about myself and how I 'tick' at work (sort of).

Now we have a project to complete in 4 months, on top of our normal day jobs.

Plus I'm still catching up after my annual leave.

A few more early mornings methinks :-(

On a lighter note, I made the most of the hotel freebies:

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