Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Joy and Dragons!

100 Happy Days - Day 36: Love seeing sad faces at Old Trafford! City are now in second place, above Liverpool but still, old habits die hard and I can't help being rather gleeful when United lose!

100 Happy Days - Day 37: Finished this today, it gets 5 stars from me. I'm still a little stunned by some of the events that take place in this book and since Martin is still writing book 6, it's highly likely that I'll re-read this book before that book comes out. This has got to be my favourite book series and author.


  1. I am loving these too. I have no idea how people who have been with it from the start have waited so long for the books to come out!

  2. Charby, you just end up rereading them like I do!

  3. But then I have to cope with all my friends dying over and over again!!!

    Ps - Hope that wasn't too spoilery for anyone out there!

  4. Oh, that's very mean. Poor old Utd. ;)

    I haven't read any of the GoT books yet, I love not knowing what's going to happen in the tv series. I will read them eventually.

  5. @Charby - The deaths aren't as shocking the second time round but yes!

    @Fence - I've suffered too long so don't see it as mean! Love the tv series, in fact, when I read the books, I see the actors as the characters (those that are still spoilers!)