Sunday, March 16, 2014

#100 Happy Days - Day 25 and Day 26

100 Happy Days - Day 25:  Found out today that I've been nominated (along with another colleague SW) for the company's 'Talent Forum' - a collection of people who have shown potential to further their careers and who'll get a trip down to London, swanky hotel and all that apparently!

The thing is 'all that' will entail blowing your own trumpet and kissing arse, which is not what I'm good at.  I'm flattered to have been nominated...really I am but all I can think of is the days missed off work and the catching up I'll have to do.

Still, this is a good opportunity to sell 'me', to network (and to get pissed on company expenses again!)

100 Happy Days - Day 26:  Hitched a ride down with Mick a fellow MyFootballClub fan to watch Daventry against my non-league side Slough Town FC. A great match, which ended in a 2-2 draw, the hosts scoring an equaliser in the 97th minute (ref obviously had a watch he bought off Fergie on Ebay!).

The lads were well disappointed but it's a point away against a top team.

Cheering our 2 goals was worth the 280 mile round trip!

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