Sunday, March 09, 2014

#100 Happy Days - Day 19 and Day 20

Out with the gym girlies again (100 Happy Days - Day 19) - instead of going into city centre, we met up at LM's house. Her mum turned up while we were there - she was fab, a shame she didn't stay longer!

We then ate at Ambiente, a local restaurant.  The tapas was great, best I've had in a long time, I'd definitely go back there again.

Home at a decent time (ie before midnight) with a fuzzy head after a top night out.

100 Happy Days - Day 20: The pesky squirrel didn't manage to dig up all my bulbs after all. It was a lovely spring day today - my hangover was mild enough to allow me to venture outside into the sunshine so I had this nice surprise waiting for me.

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