Thursday, February 27, 2014


100 Happy Days - Day 9: This sports headline made me happy - am loving Man U's annus horriblus!

Came across this website (Worlds Without Ends) which had some interesting reading challenges on offer. Or, if you don't fancy any of them, you can pick or 'roll your own' challenge.  I've gone for the 'Women of Genre Fiction' Challenge: Read 12 books by 12 new-to-you women authors in 12 months and write 12 reviews.  Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror.

Sounds simple but actually not, since I only just realised recently that I don't read many books written by women. Anyway, this is a great way to discover new authors.

So my 100 Happy Days - Day 10 is starting this challenge and I can already knock off two books off the list so only 10 to go!

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