Sunday, February 16, 2014

Bit of a Fail...

Well this is a bit rubbish, being my first post on here of 2014 and we're halfway through Feb already! Just had a lot of stuff going on. Or maybe I've just been too busy watching tv and reading!

Anyway, my new year resolution is still intact and I'm starting to feel the benefits. My fitness is getting better and I'm finding I can push myself a harder.

Been on a bit of a budget since Christmas and certainly my bread-maker has come in handy when it's come to eating cheaply.  Have been well impressed with it - my favourite Christmas present of 2013! Another thing to help with my budgeting is the opening of the local Aldi supermarket - whilst I can't do all my food shopping there, I can buy most things there and already, I can see that for basics, eg meat and veg, it's a lot cheaper than Tesco.

Chinese New Year was at the end of the Jan - it's the year of the Horse and apparently, this is supposed to be a good year for me in all aspects of my life- hurray!

It's already started well - my life insurance/endowment plan matured after 15 years and with the stock market crashes of recent years, I was really just expecting (and hoping at least) to break even. However, it actually went to plan so I had an unexpected windfall! I'll not forget about my budgeting though - the windfall won't last otherwise!

Valentine's Day - well, the good news was that I actually had a date! The bad news? That's all it's going to be but it was very pleasant.

Anyway, I've decided to take up the '100 Happy Days" challenge - so perhaps I'll post some pictures on here...

Well, I'm surprised I've rambled on for so much... I guess I do miss blogging. I'll try to keep on top and try to fill in some gaps.

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