Saturday, March 23, 2013

Exceeds Expectations again...

Gosh, months have flown by already, so let's start with my annual appraisal at work where I was marked as 'Exceeds Expectations' for 2012 so that's two years in a row now - not bad, considering I didn't think it was such a great year for me work-wise.

As usual, no team bonus for me but....I'm going to be eligible for 2013! I think I was a little dumbstruck when my boss broke the news to me as I never thought that the powers that be would ever change their stance on this.

I asked why the change of heart/policy - apparently, they decided  to "reward me" because despite my knowing that everyone else got a bonus these past few years and I didn't, I continued to graft without complaint,   actually increasing my work output, which hadn't gone unnoticed - that was the bit that shocked me more, that anyone actually noticed! So a great result for me, quite unexpected, I'm well happy about that, though will be happier when I see that bonus in my bank! Next....ask for a pay rise but that might be hard with the economic climate as it is.

So, the coldest March in a long time - been snowing in bits here but as usual, missed out on the big snowfall everyone else is getting, although it's bloody cold.

Not been up to much these past couple of months - been on a few dates, wined and dined in posh restaurants but nothing more than that; I'm not certain I could cope with more than that right now.

I've been catching up on a lot of tv/dvd watching - 'Walking Dead' is probably my favourite programme at the moment, closely followed by 'The Following' (hehe!)

Been out a couple of times both with the usual girlies and also the gym girlies - I swear my hangovers are getting worse with age!

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