Sunday, March 04, 2012

Feb Round up of sorts...

I spent most of February not feeling 100%. Caught a cold in the first week during my trip to York when the game between York and Ebbsfleet Utd was cancelled – trekking through the blizzard all afternoon probably didn’t do me much good. My cold was bad enough that I was off work for a couple of days sneezing and shivering but it was the cough I had afterwards that’s been a curse, as it has lasted over 3 weeks, with me ending up getting some virus in my windpipe. As a result, little gym activity, no incentive to do anything, coughing up lots of nice green and yellow gunk…lovely!

Finally got well enough in time for an outing with the girls this weekend and it was just the tonic I needed (though the alcohol wasn’t great for my throat!). We went to All Bar One and ended up staying there for food too.  My cough still hasn’t disappeared totally but it’s going finally.

February also saw me crying as Liverpool lifted their first silverware in 6 years – ok, it was only the Carling Cup and ok, they played against a Championship side but Cardiff were worthy opponents, it was a great cup final, ending in a nail-biting penalty shoot-out.

Other football news – Ebbsfleet are struggling badly financially and were only just about able to pay their players’ wages this month – two more months to survive but where will the money come from? There’s only so much I can donate…

Lotto wins aside, we need a miracle.

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