Friday, February 25, 2011


Still trying to lose my 'winter layer' - I think I'm sorta winning - in terms of going to the gym two or three times a week to do my aerobics and my yoga/pilates classes, I feel pretty fit but not at the level of 'body tone' that I would like.

My diet could be better - I don't tend to eat much during the week but at weekends, I eat a lot, a lot of it is rubbish, there's a fair bit of alcohol (though probably not excessive) and recently, I appear to have developed a need to snack, mostly savoury as opposed to sweet. Still on the other hand, I've also started to drink green tea on occasion instead of normal tea, so that cuts down my milk intake, although I've yet to do this at work.

A colleague suggested I check out - healthy snacks delivered to your door (or workplace) for convenience.  I was a bit dubious at first, thought it would all be flavourless nuts and seeds  with the consistency of cardboard but I was pleasantly surprised when my first 'graze box' was delivered this morning. Yes, I've got some seeds, but also some savoury Japanese crackers, mix of dried fruits and a flapjack. Yes, even flapjacks can be healthy compared to that packet of crisps! You get to choose from a huge range of snacks they provide, saying what you like/don't like, but what they give you in your box is always a surprise mixture from your choices.

Anyway, anyone interested in getting a free box can quote QFH6ZZH - think this is for a limited time only but hopefully I'll get other codes as I plan on continuing to buy from

Still struggling to get enough sleep these days, tired in the mornings, wide awake at night. I'm due a big lie in at some point to catch up. Also, I miss Boom when I don't see him...bummer! Must keep distracted and busy!


  1. I have put on some weight too. It's not like me really and I am struggling to lose it just through exercise.
    Next week I will start to be more sensible. I need to break a few bad habits (wasabi coated peanuts in the evening are my big downfall - they are so yummy!!).
    The snack boxes look like a good idea.

  2. Oh no, the snack boxes can include said wasabi coated nuts lol!