Saturday, January 08, 2011


The Toon have/had King Kev, we have King Kenny, ie Anfield legend Kenny Dalglish.

I've barely posted about football recently because for me, the football season has been depressingly abysmal. I mean, we were in the relegation zone, only 4 points above it now! Top 4 club? In our dreams... :-(

The Scousers, having gotten rid of Rafa replaced him with Roy Hodgson - a likeable chap but someone who was not up to the big job.

The team only won 7 out of 20 league games and the new US owners have decided enough is enough and brought in King Kenny until the end of the season.

I must say that when I saw the news, there was a tear in my eye - Kenny was my favourite player when I first started supporting Liverpool, back when they used to win stuff. A lot.

Now, his first match as manager will be the FA Cup tie against Man U at Old Trafford (Boom will be there).

Good luck to KK and good luck to the team. It'll all be highly emotional.

*Edit* The matched finished 1-0 to United - a penalty awarded for a Berbatov dive in the 2nd minute. Soon after, Stevie G saw red with a silly challenge, so given that only 10 men stayed on the pitch, it was 'good' result I guess.

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