Sunday, January 02, 2011

And so...

...hope you enjoyed the new year celebrations? Another quiet one for me, at home with a bottle of wine. Boom's mum has taken a turn for the worse - I don't know how serious though... :-(

Anyway, was kinda glad to see the back of 2010 - wasn't a great year, though had its good points as well as the bad.

The Bad - my mum's illness and subsequent operation; my car accident; my teeth and the expense of sorting them out; feeling out of control at work, generally not being appreciated; not seeing Boom as much as I'd like to

The Good - my mum making a good recovery and getting on with her life; Little Sis getting married and becoming Mrs Smith (!); various gigs and shows over the year; a relaxing beach holiday on my little ownsome; getting to see Boom at all.

New Year Resolutions?

Kept to most of the ones I made last year - I'll make the usual personal/private ones but my others are:

a) - Not to buy any reading books*
b) - Make a start on sorting out my 'Financial Project' by the first quarter
c) - Not get too stressed out by b)!
d) - Gym workout twice a month, as well as my usual biweekly aerobics sessions

* Ok, you may wonder how I can keep to this resolution with my new Kindle? Well, I'll be getting Amazon vouchers from this TopCashBack scheme.  As long as I only get books using these vouchers, I'm not technically 'buying' them, am I? Or am I kidding myself, lol? Ah well, we'll see!


  1. Yes, 2010 doesn't sound like it was the best year for you but it is good that your mother made such a good recovery. What a relief!

    I think for me 2010 was mellow. Nothing really good nor really bad happened. It kind of passed in a daze. It's nice to have years like that but my plan for 2011 is to try and make it a little more exciting without acting recklessly. I find that balance hard.

    Tee hee re your books!!! I'll be interested to hear how you get on with the Kindle. I haven't succumbed yet but keep thinking about it.

  2. Just finished a 'normal' book so reading my first Kindle book. I'm taking it into work to show colleagues tomorrow and reckon I'll get some converters!