Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Linkin Who

Last month, I saw a two different shows at the MEN arena in the space of a week.

Firstly, with the glamorous C and her children, it was the very kiddy-friendly Doctor Who Live show.

As a fan, I enjoyed the show, which mostly worked but in parts didn't, eg the Cybermen stomping around the audience bit but was obviously fun (and probably a bit scary) for the kids.

The video bits of the Doctor were very well done, the Dalek voices suitably spine-tingling but it was the weeping Angels that was the highlight for me.

The other show was Linkin Park and I must say that they seem to have mellowed quite a lot in two years - guess we all grow older! This time round, the songs were split between the heavier rock tunes sung by Chester Bennington and the hip-hop stuff by Mike Shinoda, which is ok but only in small doses. 

There were also some weird video breaks, which seemed to serve the purpose of giving Bennington a break from singing.

Still, some cracking classics, in particular 'Faint', 'Crawling', 'Numb' and a great acoustic version of 'Breaking The Habit'.

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