Monday, March 08, 2010

Not A Load of Bullocks

I do think that Hollywood takes itself too seriously sometimes so it was refreshing (and historic) to see someone win both an Oscar for Best Actress and a Golden Raspberry (Razzie) for Worst Actress in the same year - and for them to attend both ceremonies!

This accolade and dubious honour went to Sandra Bullock - of course when she picked up her Razzie, she had no idea she would win the Oscar the following night!

She gamely poked fun at herself in her Razzie speech, even had a trailer of DVDs of the 'duff' movie to hand out to the audience!

Bravo to Sandra!

A shame Avatar didn't pick up any major gongs - sci-fi/fantasy films never do, no matter how brilliant.


  1. Avatar wasn't brilliant. It was visually impressive, but that was about it. Chock full of barely-hidden historical allegory wrapped in a plot that Disney gave more justice to last time out.

    Hurt Locker is, in every respect, a far better film and deserved all the accolades it received.

    Avatar has its place, but it's not on a plinth grinning about being a classic. Aliens was brilliant. Terminator was brilliant. The Day The Earth Stood Still was brilliant.

    Avatar was just... visually impressive.

  2. Not seen Hurt Locker so can't really comment on it; just that in the past, I've never really been impressed with the films that usually win Best Film. You're right about the brilliant films (apart from The Day The Earth Stood Still) and although I thought Avatar was excellent, perhaps it wasn't quite brilliant. Need to watch it again.

  3. Oh, I meant the *original* tDtESS with Michael Rennie. Not the bland "remake" from a year or so ago. Trust me - classic.

    One of the reasons I'm so glad Hurt Locker won the prize is that is genuinely *is* a great piece of cinema. I'm with you in that good films often get overlooked for political, commercial or patriotic reasons (Forrest Gump, I'm staring in your direction).

    In this case, they got it spot on.