Saturday, January 09, 2010

"I Don't Watch A Lot Of TV But..." (meme thing) appears I used to! (must be when I had no internet!)

Nicked this meme from Rol and hope it'll be a step towards kickstarting my blogging activities again...

•Bold any of the following TV shows if you’ve ever seen 3 or more episodes in your lifetime.
•Italicize a show if you’re positive you’ve seen every episode.

You probably won't have heard of all these shows (I certainly hadn't but some brought back nice memories!). So feel free to add your own favourites that might be missing, there's sure to be loads

24 [every episode up to Season 2]
•7th Heaven
•Alan Partridge
Alias [every episode up to Season 3)]
American Gothic
•America’s Next Top Model
•Arrested Development
•Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World
•Babylon 5 [was a big fan of this, even going so far as to attend B5 conventions...]
•Batman (60s)
•Batman: The Animated Series
•Battlestar Galactica (the old one) [Thought a remake would be sacrilege...until I saw the new one]
•Battlestar Galactica (the new one) [Just got the final season to go - top series]

•Beverly Hills 90210
•BJ & The Bear
•Blackadder [4th series is my favourite, closely followed by 2nd]
•Blake's Seven [I only watched from when Blake was dead...]
•Bosom Buddies
•Boston Legal
•Boy Meets World
•Brass Eye
•Bring Em Back Alive [Yep, a show about a great white hunter catching animals...]
•Brothers And Sisters
•Buffy the Vampire Slayer
[probably only the odd episode I haven't watched]
•Cagney & Lacey
•Chappelle’s Show
•Charlie’s Angels
•Clarissa Explains it All
•Commander in Chief
•Cracker [my little sis was an extra on a Cracker episode, she even had lines to say!]
•Crazy Like A Fox
•Crossing Jordan
•CSI: Miami
•Curb Your Enthusiasm
•Dark Angel
•Dark Skies
•DaVinci’s Inquest
•Dawson’s Creek
•Dead Like Me
•Degrassi: The Next Generation
•Designing Women
•Desperate Housewives
•Dharma & Greg
•Different Strokes
•Doctor Who
[Had a tear in my eye when Tennant bowed out at Christmas]
•Due South
•Everybody Loves Raymond
•Facts of Life
•Family Guy [Boom introduced me to the delights of this show - love Stewie!]
•Farscape [one of my fave shows of all time - was gutted when it got cancelled. Ben Browder - yum!]

•Father Ted
•Fawlty Towers
•Freaks & Geeks
•Futurama [Bender rocks!]
•Get Smart
•Gilligan’s Island
•Gilmore Girls
•Gossip Girl
•Grey’s Anatomy
•Grange Hill ["Just say no!"]
•Growing Pains
•Happy Days
•Hawaii Five-O

•Hell’s Kitchen
•Hill Street Blues
•Hercules: the Legendary Journeys
[Only up to series 2, need to catch up]
•Home Improvement
•Homicide: Life on the Street
•I Dream of Jeannie
•I Love Lucy
•Inspector Morse
•Invader Zim
•It's Gary Shandling's Show
•Kim Possible
•Knight Rider

•Knight Rider: 2008
•Kung Fu
•Kung Fu: The Legend Continues
•La Femme Nikita
•LA Law
•Laverne and Shirley
•Law and Order
•Law and Order: SVU
•Law and Order: CI
•Little House on the Prairie
•Lizzie McGuire
•Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman [Dean Cain was a nice bit of eye candy at the time, Teri Hatcher in pre Bond and pre Desperate Housewives mode]
•Lost [still love this but only watched up to 3rd series. Beautiful cast and location!]
•Lost in Space
•Lou Grant
•Mad Men
•Magnum PI
•Malcolm in the Middle [Malcom's voice had broken when I started watching this but it was quite funny]
•Manimal [bet the effects would look so ropey if shown now]
•Married… With Children
•McLeod’s Daughters
•Melrose Place
•Miami Vice

•Mission: Impossible
•Mod Squad
•Moonlighting [I loved this- Bruce Willis with hair; classically 'Will they, won't they?"]
•Mork & Mindy
•Murphy Brown
•My Life As A Dog
•My Three Sons
•My Two Dads
•Ned Bigby’s Declassified School Survival Guide
•Nighty Night
•NYPD Blue
•One Foot In The Grave
•One Tree Hill
•Open All Hours
•Peep Show

•Perry Mason
•Power Rangers
•Press Gang
•Prison Break [not seen any, must do at some point]
•Private Practice
•Project Runway
•Pushing Daisies
•Quantum Leap
•Queer As Folk (US)
•Queer as Folk (UK)
•Quincy ME
•Red Dwarf
•Remington Steele [Pierce Brosnan could have been Bond earlier except he was contracted for this TV series at the time]
•Rescue Me
•Road Rules

•Sapphire & Steel [didn't always understand the storylines but recall they were cool and creepy!]
•Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?
•Seaquest DSV
•Sex and the City
•Simon & Simon
•Six Feet Under
•Slings and Arrows
•So Weird
•South of Nowhere
•South Park
•Space: 1999
•Spin City
•Spider-Man (Nicholas Hammond version)
•Spongebob Squarepants
•St. Elsewhere
•Star Fleet [like Thunderbirds - superior Japanese style, with fighting robots!]
•Star Trek
•Star Trek: The Next Generation

•Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
•Star Trek: Voyager
•Star Trek: Enterprise
•Stargate Atlantis
•Stargate SG-1
•Starsky & Hutch
•Studio 60 On Sunset Strip
•Supernatural [See above for Prison Break]
•Teen Titans
Terrahawks [kinda like Thunderbirds, cool robots like silver footballs]
•That 70’s Show
•That’s So Raven
•The 4400
•The Addams Family
•The Amazing Race
•The Andy Griffith Show
•The A-Team [Mr T rules and it's great to see him in the WoW adverts!]
•The Avengers [I wanted to be like Purdey!]
•The Beverly Hillbillies
•The Big Bang Theory
•The Brady Bunch
•The Cosby Show
•The Day Today
•The Daily Show
•The Dead Zone
•The Dick Van Dyke Show
•The Flintstones
•The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
•The Golden Girls
•The Honeymooners
•The Incredible Hulk [always wondered why the Hulk's trousers never split like his shirts]
•The Jeffersons
•The Jetsons
•The League Of Gentlemen
•The L Word
•The Lone Gunmen
•The Love Boat
•The Magnificent Seven
•The Man From UNCLE
•The Mary Tyler Moore Show
•The Monkees
•The Munsters
•The Office (UK) [Love this]
•The Office (US)
•The Outer Limits
•The Powerpuff Girls
•The Pretender
•The Prisoner
•The Professionals
•The Real World
•The Return Of The Saint
•The Rockford Files
•The Shield
•The Simpsons
•The Six Million Dollar Man
•The Sopranos
•The Streets Of San Francisco
•The Sweeney
•The Suite Life of Zack and Cody
•The Thick Of It
•The Twilight Zone
•The Waltons
•The West Wing
•The Wire
•The Wonder Years
•The X-Files [was a huuuuuge fan of Mulder and Scully - then it went all funny towards the end]
•Third Watch
•Three’s Company
•Thunderbirds [episodes were very long, only bits interesting were the Thunderbirds themselves. And Virgil was fit for a puppet...!]
•Tru Calling
•True Blood
•Twin Peaks
•Twitch City
•Ugly Betty
•Veronica Mars
•Whose Line is it Anyway? (UK)
•Whose Line is it Anyway? (US)
•Will and Grace
•Worzel Gummidge
•Xena: Warrior Princess [Girl power!]


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